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Rabros LLC is located in a small community in southeastern Wyoming. As brothers, we are proud to provide personally homegrown, wholesome, certified organic products directly from our farm to your family. We carefully select each product to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and health benefits for American families. Our dedication to organic farming is our contribution to sustainable agriculture for both the production of healthy food and the preservation of the land. Through our partnership with [food bank], Rabros is also able to follow our motto of ‘Making a Difference One Kernel at a Time’. Supporting families across our great country is an important pillar of our family operation. When you purchase the Rabros brand, you can be assured that you are not only providing your family with wholesome nutrition, but you are also helping to make a difference in the lives of others. When we work together we can truly make this world a better place! Feed your family; feed others. It's that simple. {Signature: Carson, Spencer, Mason}

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Health Benefits

Whole wheat has tremendous health benefits when compared with white flour. Processing causes white flour to lose nutrients compared to the minimal amount of processing that creates whole wheat flour. In comparison, cup for cup, whole wheat and white flour contain around the same calories, but whole wheat has more iron, calcium, and protein than white flour. The biggest difference between the two flours is the fiber content. When it is processed, white flour loses much of the fiber found naturally in wheat. Fiber is important to your diet as it helps to control blood sugar and weight management and is part of maintaining a healthy heart. To attain these health benefits, whole wheat flour can be substituted for white flour when baking anything from cookies and muffins to pancakes and bread.

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Carson, the oldest of the three brothers, enjoys running for parts on his father’s farm and helping with day to day operations. When he is not working on the farm, Carson’s extracurricular activities include football, basketball, track, and playing the drums for his band, The Galactic Lemonz. His love for music includes bands such as Metallica, Poison, and Def Leppard. The Galactic Lemonz can be found on their youtube channel.

Galactic Lemonz


Spencer, the middle brother, is the embodiment of the American farm boy. He loves to work on the farm and his extracurriculars include football, basketball, and participating in the Future Farmers of America (FFA). Spencer enjoys competing in Ag Mechanics contests through FFA, as well as working on his own projects. His favorite pieces of machinery that he personally owns include a 1970 F100 pickup, a 1971 Honda dirt bike, and several Johnny Poppers (antique 2 cylinder John Deere tractors).


Mason, the youngest brother, is a fun loving country boy. He loves to ride on the tractor with his dad when planting season comes around. Mason’s favorite family trips have revolved around hunting and fishing. During a Louisiana fishing trip Mason caught the most fish, including a Mahi Mahi and a Rainbow Fish. He is also very proud of the Alligator Gar he has hanging in his room that he caught on a trip in Texas with his dad. Any time he spends away from fishing is filled with soccer, track, and boxing.